Join us! Let`s mountaineer!!!

It is really a pity to stay in paved cities during spring or autumn. Embark on an island adventure and unveil charms of hiking island Vis. Adriatic islands, especially those in the southern region will give you a spectacular mountaineer adventure.

Whether young or old, single or with a group, the terrain of island Vis is ideal for all types of outdoor fitness and hiking. Become a triathlete and enjoy the islands opportunities for cycling, mountain climbing, and swimming. No experience necessary. All you need is a daypack, a little food, some water, good footwear, and a map.


Island Vis is the largest and most remote island (10 miles long and 5 miles wide) of all islands in middle Dalmatia . It is 25 miles from the mainland. There is a 10-mile wide channel between islands Hvar and Vis (Channel of Vis). Area of island Vis is 90,3 square kilometers. Area of archipelago of Vis (Palagruza, Bisevo, St. Andrew, Budihovac, Jabuka, Brusnik,…) is about 103 square kilometers. For this reason, Vis is the biggest district in all of Croatia .

The highest peak of island Vis is Hum (587 meters). Vis geographical location represents a true isolated oasis from civilization and the modern world. The coastline on island Vis is about 77 kilometers. Vis has an Adriatic type of Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry. Winters are mild and humid. There is a lot of vegetation on Vis. Vis is, along with Lastovo and Mljet, one of the greenest islands on Adriatic Sea .

There are only two paved roads on island Vis. These roads connect the towns of Vis and Komiža. The older road is 13 kilometers long. The new road is 9 kilometers long and has many mountain tracks and promenades.

Organize your hikes over a large part of the island using a locally available map with carefully marked trails. Before venturing out check the map and weather forecast very carefully. Moreover, you have to plan your stay in country carefully.

There are lots of options: Walking or cycling close to vineyards, through village Okljucna or Žena Glava, flight of stairs towards two Tito's caves, across fields Vino and Cajno, following marks to Hum – the highest peak on island Vis, the Holly Spirit church…These are just several hike that you can chose. From my experience, my heart and soul, I can recommend them all.

Abandoned military objects with many hidden subterranean tunnels are especially interesting. There are also underground passages to harbor gunboats.

Be healthy and merry! Join me! The mountain society "Hum“, and I, will be pleased to help you.

We wish you many happy experiences on the trails of Vis.

P.S. Please, respect the flora and fauna. If you pack it in, pack it out.