I have always had a special feeling for this house. Nona's (Grandma's) house was always a place of our gatherings, nice memories, joy and laughter.
My dear friends, I invite you to gather your family, your dear friends and visit „My Nona's house“, and let it become a place of your own long lasting memories.

You'll like this spacious room, full of light and smell of the Mediterranean brought by the light sea breeze. My always modest Nona complained a lot about the size of this room saying that Nono shouldn't have made it so big, but nowadays I'm grateful of that luxury and I'm enjoying every inch of it.



When I look at this picture, I recall stories told by my father from times when he shared this room with my uncle Mate.

Well… back then it wasn't that clean and tidy.

After a hard day's work, at the end of the day, my uncle Nikola and Nono Ante used to meet in this kitchen and play cards. We all liked when our uncle Nikola came over for a small chat with Nono, the house was filled with his laughter. He was a cheerful fellow, and always knew all the news in our town. It was hilarious and we would tears of laughter, and even today as I think of it, while sitting in the same kitchen, but not at the same table, it makes me laugh. But where is that table???

Once an old house got a modern touch when the bathroom was built. Our cousin Pavulin, who I was named after, made it.

This is the largest room in the house, it's on the first floor. I'm particularly proud of this part of the house. I hope you'll also like my attempt to keep the old times spirit in it.

While redecorating this part of the house, I found this earthenware jug in the attic which Nona used for water.

I was thrilled with happiness! I glued it up a bit, colored it and here it is! It got a place of honor and special illumination.

The terrace and the cellar are intended to be places for your hanging around. You can relax there, rest and prepare for the new adventures across the island of Vis. The old fireplace, where my family used to prepare fish, still functions in the cellar. I can still recall the smell of grilled pilchards, which where the bread and butter of surviving in those days. Fishing skills were passed through generations from father to son. Fishing tradition was brought by my family to the „New Continent“ and today I'm the proud heir of it.

You've had enough of the pictures and my chit-chat and you're wondering how much money would it cost?

30.09 - 01.06
01.06 - 30.06
01.09 - 30.09

01.07 - 15.07
15.08 - 01.09

15.07 - 15.08
70 €
90 €
100 €
130 €

The price for three day stay or shorter is 30 % higher, the advance deposit for the reservation is 30% of the total amount. The advance deposit can be refunded in the case you cancel the reservation 45 days before your arrival date. The local tourist tax is paid to the host, who will register your stay in the Tourist office of Komiža. The local tax is not included in the price and is 1 euro per adult per day.

There it's all in black and white, pardon me, in yellow, so think and let me know, I'm waiting for you to call!!!