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Benifits from mountain climbing ?

Mountain climbing represents an ideal way to keep fit and to improve psychophysical condition. Walking and climbing intensify the whole body, especially leg muscles, and accelerate movement of joints. It improves the immunity sistem, especially ability of organisms to defend themselves. It has positive impact on heart and circulation, improving oxygen flow, and blood supply. It improves exchange of substances in the body, and reduces cholesterol and body weight.

Besides that, mountain climbing is a real balm to the soul. Mountain climbing is relaxing and helps liberate us from stress, improves positive emotions and lifts self-confidence. Mountain climbing works positively on social life and makes great friends.

Our way of life reduces oxygen in the environment, making it more difficult to utilize it.

The global situation is not to be envied. 32% of oxygen from the beginning of 19 th century has decreased by 15% (big cities) and by 10% in industrial areas. We should utilize the advantages of our clean country where we live, and live every single moment filling our lungs with clean oxygen.

Spending time in nature and experiencing fresh air and physical activity stimulate the exchange of substances, so our bodies have a better way to liberate themselves from harmful substances. Our skin is tighter with shaped muscles and bonded tissue. Better circulation means better transport of neccessary substances and it improves the way our internal organs work.

But be careful how you breathe. Correct breathing is a guarantee of succesful psysical activity.
Avoid staying in smoky spaces.

That is all, let's go in action!